CFNT's Coaching Staff


Gavin is the owner of CrossFit Nullis Terminis. He’s a married dad of three great sons. Gavin has an extensive background in fitness training, leadership development and team building. He is a retired Army officer with over 21 years of active duty in a wide range of special mission units, and has continued training and consulting our finest military organizations.  

His fitness endeavors include competing to wear the 12th Man jersey on Texas A&M’s football team and competing in various Army/Soldier competitions against the world's military. He also competed in the 2011 and 2017 CrossFit Games Finals as a Master’s athlete and placed 13th in 2011 and 17th in 2017 – in the world! Gavin finished 36th in the world during the 2016 Masters qualifier and, in addition to his Army and CrossFit exploits, he has completed 10 Marathons, numerous triathlons and a half Ironman.  

He minored in Physical Education at Texas A&M. His extensive certifications include:
- CrossFit Level 1
- USAW Sports Performance Club Coach and Master’s Athlete
- CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer
- CrossFit Football

- ISSA Nutrition Coach
- CPR/AED and First Aid
- NSCA/CSCS (Non-Active)
He has coached athletes at the highest level in the military and has taken his son Kyle to two youth Olympic trials in Olympic lifting. His son Josh is currently serving as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Infantry.

Gavin is passionate about inspiring athletes at all levels to continuously improve their overall fitness, health and well-being by pursuing constantly varied, active lifestyles and being physically and mentally prepared to overcome any challenge life throws their way. That being said, “no one cares what you know until they know how much you care.” Give us a try at CrossFit Nullis Terminis and judge for yourself.  



Coach Jen Westlake is the Manager at CrossFit Nullis Terminis. A Venice, FL, native, she was born and raised and attended school here. She is a proud single mom to five beautiful children.  Her athletic background and one of her passions includes English equestrian training. She loves the outdoors, travel and being physically active.   

She contributes her passion, patience, and considerable training experience to all of her athletes at CrossFit Nullis Terminis. She has competed in multiple competitions ,including the yearly CrossFit Open, since 2013. 

Jen's professional coaching development includes her completion of the CrossFit Level 2 Certification Course, the CrossFit Kids Certification Course, the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification and has attended five Olympic Lifting seminars.  

Jen is the driving force behind CrossFit Nullis Terminis and ensures a high level of professionalism from her coaches, in addition to an extremely clean gym. If you ever felt that CrossFit was not for you or were intimidated by the atmosphere, then Jen is the Coach for you. Her strictness for form and consistency and her unending patience to get everyone to where they want to be are unparalleled.  

Jen truly believes that no one gets left behind, and that everyone is capable of unbelievable things in the gym and in life.

(pictured above: Wes Harris, Jen Westlake, Dan Crane)


Dan is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach at CFNT. He owns his own local business, and it has been in operation for the past 16 years. Dan is married to a fellow CrossFitter, Priya, and they have two highly competitive children: Isabella and Daniel. Dan grew up playing multiple sports as a child and in high school, the went on to play lacrosse in college. He has coached youth sports for the past 10 years and enjoys helping people reach their athletic potential. 

Dan discovered CrossFit in 2013 and has been on fire ever since. Since then, he has competed in several competitions and took first place in the Festivus Games in 2014. Dan has acquired his USA Weightlifting Sports Performance, CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Gymnastics certifications in his quest to better educate himself and others on how to improve themselves in their pursuit of fitness. 

Dan is fun and a great motivator and encourager to our athletes. He brings great energy to our team at CFNT!


From a very young age, Wes developed a love for a variety of sports including baseball, football, and weightlifting.  He thrives on competition and team camaraderie. After years of competing at a high level in baseball and, after the competition was gone, he felt like something was missing. From his first CrossFit class, he knew that he had found his new passion. Since then, Wes has never looked back.  

In 2016, Wes earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certification and began his journey as a Coach. He has never stopped learning and developing as a coach and as an athlete. He is also certified in CrossFit Powerlifting/Conjugate Methods and CrossFit Gymnastics.  

Wes is currently a SCFD firefighter, and CrossFit plays a huge role in maintaining his sanity and preparing him for the unknown. He's married to Joycelynn, also a fellow CrossFitter, and has three young children who usually can be found running around the gym. 



A true believer of CrossFit's effect on the mind and body, Anthony is extremely passionate about CrossFit.  Like many, Anthony struggled with his weight, and this affected his life in a negative way. Anthony was fearful of his, and his family's, future because of his inability to find the energy to play or do life activities. But, Anthony possesses the NO LIMITS philosophy all the way through: "Fear, like limits are often illusions."  

Finding CrossFit to be a supportive and positive community of people getting better together and keeping each other accountable, he never gave up. Since beginning classes, Anthony has lost over a 100 pounds and can Rx the hardest of WODs. He can do muscle-ups and snatches, and now can deadlift over 400 pounds. 

He loved CrossFit and its healing effects so much that he decided to earn his CrossFit Level 1 certification and become a Coach. Not just any trainer, Anthony completed a thorough and extensive series of CFNT Coaching Professional Development that involved testing and "shadowing" other coaches. This included five individual practical evaluations and over a month and half of development.  

Anthony is happily married and has two beautiful children. His oldest has a great passion for CrossFit and is already following in his father's footsteps. Anthony truly looks forward to helping others achieve their goals in health and fitness. 


Kati is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer at CFNT. She is a Florida Native and has lived in Sarasota County with her husband and three children since 2004. They have been business owners in Venice for the last nine years, and they love their Venice community. Kati participated in many athletic activities throughout her youth, and went on to play softball at the Junior College level where she was an Academic All American. After taking time off from athletic activities for over a decade to raise her young family she trained herself to a run a Boston Qualifying marathon in 11 months. Following that she raced her first triathlon and qualified for Age Group Nationals.  

Kati found CrossFit while searching for a cross training program to add to her routine. She loves the opportunity the CFNT team has provided for her health and wellness knowledge to flourish, and enjoys helping other people learn an “I CAN” philosophy while seeing them conquer new skills and movements. Kati is passionate about the No Limits philosophy at CFNT, and is grateful to be a part of the inspiring and uplifting environment it provides.