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CrossFit classes are the foundation of CFNT. Classes consist of constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. Our specialty is NOT specializing! By avoiding adaptation, you’ll continue to improve. Add in hard work and consistency, and you’ll see results. 

Each class is programmed and coached to meet all skill levels, regardless of your experience with CrossFit. This means that we can regress each exercise to meet your specific needs. 

Classes last approximately one hour and will begin promptly at their allocated start times. 

Click here to see our class schedule. Drop-ins are always welcome! And, if you want to check us out to see if you’d like to join, we’d love to have you. Just make sure to arrive a few minutes early so we can get you squared away. 

No Limits Fitness

Are you:

Tired of not seeing the results you work so hard for in the gym?

Always feeling unmotivated during your workouts, or need some way to stay accountable to your fitness routine?

Wanting to lose weight or body fat, and/or improve your strength and cardio?

Completely lost when it comes to nutrition?

Feeling a need to get in shape for Florida's outdoor activities?

Just stuck in a rut - with exercise, nutrition or your own personal wellness?

Are still intimidated by CrossFit, or feel that you're not quite ready for it? 

If you said yes to ANY of the above, No Limits Fitness will be the perfect program for you.

No Limits Fitness is a results-based Cardiovascular Endurance and Core Strengthening program. Classes are ongoing and meet three times per week. We have morning and evening options available. 

And, it’s not just about fitness – we incorporate nutritional guidance, too. 

Supportive classes are designed to keep you motivated, accountable and, most importantly, having FUN as you’re working hard towards the results you want to see. You’re guaranteed to lose weight, drop body fat and gain strength without heavy barbells and complex movements. You set your own goals, and we track your results while supporting you along your journey. 

No Limits Fitness consists of:

- 3X per week Training, with Morning and Evening options.

- Off-Day Programming (Workouts, Mobility, Recovery)

- SMART Goal Setting and Fitness Logging

- Nutritional Education and Guidance

- Support, Accountability and Motivation

Please email Jen at for information on pricing and our next session dates, or if you have any additional questions. 

Personal Training

Are you:

A beginner when it comes to strength training, conditioning and the gym in general?

Recovering from an injury?

Wanting to improve strength and build lean muscle mass?

Looking to fine-tune your large muscle and Olympic lifts?

Hesitant when it comes to exercising in a group setting?

If any of the above statements apply to you, Personal Training will be an excellent training option. We'll create a progressive, periodized strength training program designed to meet your specific goals, needs and any limitations.

For available training times, information on session length or rates and with any other questions, please email Jen at

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PeakLife Nutrition Coaching

Following an exercise program tailored to your specific goal – whether it’s for weight or fat loss, lean muscle gain, improving general health and fitness or even boosting strength and performance - will play a huge part in the results you see. 

But, did you know that results aren’t achieved through exercise alone? In fact, your nutrition habits are what will MAKE or BREAK your results! 

Our solution? PeakLife Nutrition Coaching. 

PeakLife’s platform provides you with a personalized twelve-week plan based off of your specific profile, goals and nutritional science. Your Coach will help you stay on track and provide motivation, all while monitoring your progress. Most importantly, your macronutrient-based program will be tailored to fit your specific needs. 

Please visit the PeakLife website for more information and pricing. You can also email us at or speak to one of our Coaches with questions. 

*If you are a current PeakLife participant or Coach, please use this link to access your program: