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“Limits, like fear, are often illusions we place on ourselves – whatever they may be. We all put limits on ourselves and others. It’s a part of life to fear failure, the unknown and to think something is not possible.”

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Crossfit Nullis Terminis Gym

Not here! We are Crossfit Nullis Terminis.

Our name is simple, yet meaningful. It’s Latin for “With No Limits.”

We believe everyone is capable of unbelievable things. Therefore, we place no limits on our athletes – in the gym or in life itself.

Our logo, an Olympic lifting plate with wings, is symbolic. The plate represents strength while the wings represent speed.

But, why do we reference the Olympics

Within our community of athletes, family and friends, we strive to meet and exceed the ideal of both the original and modern Olympic games – building “a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

The belief that one’s development of the mind, spirit, and body are linked was upheld by the ancient Greeks. A well-rounded individual was instructed, and practiced, in all areas. Therefore, an athletic victory was considered a credit to an athlete’s physical and moral values.

Physical training has long been valued for its role in developing qualities like strength, endurance and, above all, patience and perseverance.

The ancient Greeks strove to develop disciplined, devout and virtuous citizens of their democracy. And, the belief that the success of self-governance depended on the citizenry’s moral character was the foundation behind their holistic training of one’s mind, body and spirit.

Grecian athletes were involved in all aspects of society, including religion, education, arts, and politics. Their physical discipline helped weave themselves into the fabric of society – leaving no area untouched.

And, at CrossFit Nullis Terminis, we strive to emulate ancient Greece’s Olympic ideology every day.

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Your Facility

We are extremely proud of YOUR 4,500 square foot facility. We aim to not only have the best equipment but plenty of space for you to put in work each time you walk through the door.

The facility is 100 percent equipped by ROGUE. It features a 48-foot wall-mounted rig with five squat racks and 20 pull-ups stations. We have five additional power and squat racks

The floor contains multiple Olympic lifting platforms and we have over 3,000 lbs. in bumper plates.

We have eight Concept 2 rowers, wall balls in every weight and plenty of kettlebells, dumbbells, boxes and benches.

Other amenities include:

  • Air-Conditioned Bathrooms And Showers
  • Air-Conditioned Kid’s Room
  • Air-Conditioned Athlete’s Lounge With An Espresso Machine, Fridge, Microwave And TV (For Unlimited Members Only).

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